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Police Thermal Imaging Press Release

March 20, 2009

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Argus SC Thermal Imaging Camera Helps Manchester Police

Cannabis farmers feel the heat

The latest in thermal imaging technology has led to police in Sale uncovering seven cannabis farms in the past six months. The equipment, which records this type of criminal activity using heat detection, is the first of its kind to be used in Trafford and has so far detected more than £200,000 worth of plants.

Last week police identified a farm containing 240 plants worth about £30,00 on Hampton Road. The equipment used to grow the plants was valued at approximately £10,000.

Learn More about how the Argus SC helped Police officers in Manchester detect drug growers.

About Argus
As a result of 30 years intensive design and research, e2v's specialist engineers continue to lead the way in hand held thermal imaging technology for police and security services.

The Argus SC is the latest generation of the highly successful Argus thermal Imaging camera, it has been specifically designed to help police, security and law enforcement officers to detect the heat signatures of people and objects. Visit www.argusdirect.com.

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