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Police Wireless Communications Press Release

June 15, 2010

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Your Help is Needed: Support the Public Safety Alliance

Public Safety Leaders Agree:  Stop the D Block Auction

Public Safety AllianceHelp Clear the Way for the Future of Public Safety

Public Safety leadership, associations and key suppliers to public safety have united to help ensure the current and future spectrum needs of public safety are addressed.  Without enough spectrum, many of the technological advances that help better protect officers and the communities they serve will not be possible in the near future. 

Public Safety Needs New Tools
The need for  technologies that enable streaming video and wireless data transmission are critical to the prevention of crime, the safety of officers and the community, and the ability to respond to natural and manmade disasters.  The Public Safety Alliance believes the current plan proposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will not provide adequate spectrum to make these technologies a reality in the near future. 

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The Public Safety Alliance is Taking Action
The Public Safety Alliance has been formed to create a united front representing your industry in Washington D.C.  The Alliance is a partnership among the leading public safety associations, as well as key government leadership organizations.  Currently, the FCC has proposed a plan that auctions a very significant block of spectrum, known at the D Block, to commercial carriers.  The Alliance and its supporters believe this plan fails to address the mission critical requirements of public safety. 

Your Help is Needed Now!
You can help by immediately contacting your local Congressional representatives and telling them you want them to stop the D Block auction and assign this spectrum to public safety.  More information about this important issue is available at the Alliance web site, http://www.psafirst.org/.  Please help and contact your congressional representatives today.

“It is long overdue for Congress to hold hearings and help keep America safe.” 
   - Rob Davis, President, Major Cities Chiefs Association

“There is no more important issue … than the use of broadband technologies by police, fire and EMS agencies.”
- Jeff Johnson, President and Chairman of the Board of the International Association of Fire Chiefs

Support the Public Safety Alliance Now


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