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PoliceOne has a team of Law Enforcement Experts ready to answer all of your product related questions. Below is an archive of past questions that have been submitted by PoliceOne members. Each question is open to responses from fellow officers as well as expert commentary from our Product Advisory Board.

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Where may I find a grant for a k9 vehicle?
Looking for input on the 10-8 video systems from agencies that are currently using them. Thanks
A majority of officers in our agency are interested in outer vest carrier for patrol work. Can anyone offer information as to the pro's and con's of them versus concealable?
Greetings, I am conducting research for a police department looking at gas mask for the Motor Officer wearing a full face or modular helmet. Suggestions? thank you Jeff Capps
Many departments are looking at out vest carriers for regular patrol duties and it has become water cooler talk at my agency. I was wondering if anyone has seen any studies done that show ...
Does anyone know of a body armor that fits like a t-shirt, or can recommend a good vest? My vest is always riding up and, is very uncomfortable. Sitting and then getting up to move around ...
Does anyone's department allow the use and wear of a running shoe for use on patrol? If so, does it seem to be working?
I was wondering what types of photograph management systems are available for law enforcement. We are looking for a system that would allow the photographs to be first burnt to a CD for ...
My department is currently interested in getting new in-car video systems. Our old ones are nothing but trouble. What are other agencies using that are good with little or no maintenance?
I've been trying to find a duty holster for a FNP 45 Tactiacl. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
I'm looking for any type of SWAT or Tactical Training videos for continued education. Not to replace hands-on of course. Any information would be helpful.
Are there accessories or add-ons available for the Ruger PC4 Carbine?
I am a female, carry a .40 Glock 23 on duty and need something smaller to carry off-duty as the weight of the 23 is too much for my frame/clothing off duty (I'm only 5'2 avg weight). Have ...
What kind of service life [mean time between failures] can be expected with these hand-held FLIRs? "Shelf-life" - How long can they be expected to last and remain operable, if only ...
Our small investigations unit (3 major crimes detectives, 1 narcotic detective, 1 supervisor, and 1 clerk) is looking at getting some software that will help with the organizational flow of ...
I always purchased Clifton Super Shirts. I like the heavier material they are made of. Can anyone suggest a shirt that compares? Clifton went out of business and I can't find any old ...
After years of wearing Safari-laminate, I switched to Aker all leather duty gear. Any suggestions on what I can treat/coat it with to preserve it? Not looking to shine it, just protect ...
Does anyone have any advice on purchasing disposable handcuffs for mass arrest scenarios? I need something that will work well, be easy to apply and remove, and will last a long time in ...
Are wightlifting supplements a way to help an officer try to ensure a proper nutrition and keep motivated in the gym?
Is there software available to help manage SWAT Operations? It would need to include the following: 1. Pre-Plans 2. Critical Incidents 3. Operational Work Ups (High Risk/Warrant ...

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