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Police Product Questions

PoliceOne has a team of Law Enforcement Experts ready to answer all of your product related questions. Below is an archive of past questions that have been submitted by PoliceOne members. Each question is open to responses from fellow officers as well as expert commentary from our Product Advisory Board.

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Just starting out as a K9 handler and was wondering what night vision monocular you would suggest.
Hi, I'm searching for a traffic accident investigation simulation and a hostage negotiation simulation. As part of my PhD studies I''ve developed a tool for the traffic accident ...
Looking for information on how to get a person certified to administer a Breath Alcohol Test
I am currently a night patrolman and need a good boot that will hold up to the walking. Most boots that I have bought in the past have worn out after between 4-6 months and I would like ...
Hi- I'm looking for a good quality automatic knife for less than 120 dollars. I don''t want an auto conversion, but rather a knife that was designed as an auto. Anyone have any ...
We are in the process of purchasing new ballistic helmets for our tactical medics and in the near future the rest of the team. We are looking for the best helmet for the money. Maximum ...
What is the difference between body armor and a bullet proof vest?
Can a police officer legally draw and point his gun at a speeding motorcyclist coming towards him to get the driver to stop? I can''t find any case law on this issue
Is there any difference between a citizen and a law enforcement taser x26? If anyone can help please let me know.
I am currently in the K-9 Unit. My question is what type of uniform do you feel is best for a K-9 Handler. We are currently in 5.11 Tactical. I was told of a rumor that we were going to be ...
My City Manager just apporached me about purchasing a video camera for in the squad. I have done some looking on my own but am not ceratin at all what I or We need. We currently have a 2005 ...
I am trying to find the correct way to transport narcotics for training. Some tell me that I cannot keep them in a safe in my trunk except for transport to and from training. Others say ...
Just wondering how other agencies are managing their patrol fleet. Our agency recently decided to take away some of the newer, lower mileage cars from supervisors and put them back into the ...
Hello, I am the Chief of Police in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and I'm looking for a firearms training simulator for my local police academy. What company or specific product do you ...
Grant funding for License Plate readers and also looking for funding for Segway's?
Our SWAT team is looking into purchasing a pole camera for tactical operations. We have looked at the following on the internet: Zistos - Tactical Electronics - The Vision Stick - Eyepole - ...
Do you believe there is an advantage in using ASP chained cuffs versus Smith and Wesson chained cuffs? The advantages I have seen so far are they are a tad larger, yet still fit well on ...
I am interested in robots for hostage/barricade situations. Mainly for delivery of throw phones, cameras, etc. I am also interested in any info on grants to offset the cost. Thank you.
Please advise on expandable batons from the company Euro Security Products. We are trying to purchase about 40 batons for our community service group and have no knowledge on batons.
I am conducting a study on 3 motorcycles. Harley, Honda nad BMW. Looking at cost, safety and overall maintenance cost. Which is more over all cost savings?

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