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Does anyone know of software that will dump GPS units such as TomTom, Garmin, etc? I know Celle Brite has the program, but anyone else?
I need to find out what the equivilent of the Cobra Headsets, Recall Acoustics, RA3185 is? I need 18 headsets for M/ACom 5100 and 7100 series radios.
any INBASKET or SITUATIONAL JUDGMENT TEST prep or pratcice test material available
For the last 15 years, I have used a concealable vest (not that it is fooling anyone that I do not have a vest on). I have recently tried an exterior carrier with a higher threat level ...
What is the warranty on new X26 Tasers for LE? Is there an extended warranty you can buy?
Is there a company out there that sells a camera that would track the officer as he moves? I believe this would eliminate the "Playing to the Camera Issues" I have noticed.
I would like to purchase a firearms training simulator for home use. I've got 22 years with the Michigan State Police and can retire in 3 1/2 and have 3 boys 21,19,16. We all shoot and Ii ...
My Captain saw an ad for a dashcam that automatically pans to keep the officer in frame; does anyone know which system this might be? He can't recall, but he wants more info. Thanks.
Is there a Sheriff Department/Agency who is using this type of vehicle in either a Ford of Chevy/GMC version for there patrol Deputies? I saw Border Patrol was going to try the new F-150 ...
Im looking at purchasing a Clareno rig but I am on a tight budget. I need help with purchasing a decent rig for the right price. Any brand names or vendors that are suggested would be ...
I'm looking for either an extremely bright colored LED flashlight or flashlight with cone attachment that can be seen as far as a mile away. Would like a flashing pattern and steady on ...
I am looking for agencys that currently deploy patrol rifles on motorcycles. If you have information I would love to have it to contact them for more details. Thanks MPO Pauley
I'm having a serious problem with my ballistic panels shifting in the carrier and my straps not staying in place. For some reason this is happening on my gun side worse then the other and ...
I would like to know what is the best camera to take pictures of fingerprints and evidence. Thanks
I am wondering if anyone knows of any grants that are available for motorcycle purchases. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Luke Hoerner Police Specialist U10
Wanting information on foldable, tactical shields for road patrol and first responders. Need to know about practicality and effectiveness.
We're a small University agency who is looking to deploy rifles into the field. I would like to get some opinions on what you believe to be the most accurate, reliable and overall ...
Waiting for the State of MN to process my license papers. When that's done, I start working for my Sheriff's Office. Possibly for the local PD soon as well. The number one problem is ...
With the trend of doing more with less as a declining economy dictates operating budgets, LED has moved towards intelligence led policing by identifying trends/patterns and focusing ...
I'm attempting to compile a proposal that will allow our Airport Public Safety Officers to carry a Taser X26 within the secured areas on-duty. TSA frowns on allowing "weapons" inside of ...

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