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PoliceOne has a team of Law Enforcement Experts ready to answer all of your product related questions. Below is an archive of past questions that have been submitted by PoliceOne members. Each question is open to responses from fellow officers as well as expert commentary from our Product Advisory Board.

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I am looking for a good knive that is atuo-assist open with a serrated edge.
I am looking for a program to be used to improve information sharing between shifts. I would like to find a program which would allow officers to view an up to date "hot sheet" in their ...
Does anyone have any experience in the uniform cameras that are marketed? I am a sergeant with a 30 officer department and we already have nice cameras with audio packs. We are now facing ...
My department is going to implement hands-free driving requirement (no phone use unless handsfree - and, its only for phones, not radio) so I need to get a handsfree (bluetooth?) headset.  ...
I'm looking for a patrol vehicle prisoner transport seat that will accomidate three prisoners. The ones I'm seeing in the trade magizines are build to seat two only.
I am trying to get the Admin guys to buy off on installing Single Prisoner (quarter)cages into our vehicles instead of full cages. I know that a few years ago Cheyenne PD was running this ...
I would like PoliceOne to take a look at some of my products how do I go about this? Graphics and Images www.k-series.us and Gun Safety www.chamberflag.com Many thanks for your ...
What is the industry accepted life expectancy of a ballistic shield? I know that soft body armor and helmets is generally 5 years, but do shields have similar life spans?
I am looking for a formal overcoat that the Honor Guard can wear in cold weather and in the rain. This overcoat will be worn over our Honor Guard Uniforms. Any suggestions ? Sgt. Marc ...
So I'm closer now to finding out if I have a job in ND and I have been trying to look around for a new pair of boots to buy as my pair that I have now have no tread on them and they are not ...
I'm looking for a simple, user-friendly and inexpensive traffic crash reconstruction program to use for traffic crash diagrams. Anything out there that you would recomend. Thanks.
Has anyone had any experiance with this ammunition, in actual LE shootings? And if so what were the results. We are considering adopting this ammunition caliber wide, all in pistols and ...
I would like to know if anyone has experience with Dragon voice recognition software or the like for report writing? Does it work and is it accurate so less time can be spent at the desk?
Anyone use these? They claim the CHP has approved them. If true, are they actually used by the Officers in the field? What method of retention is used?
Would anyone be interested in receiving transparent graphic alarm signals(Burglar/Fire)from commercially protected premise's, directly to the response vehicle's laptop or directly to an ...
Does anyone know of software that will dump GPS units such as TomTom, Garmin, etc? I know Celle Brite has the program, but anyone else?
I need to find out what the equivilent of the Cobra Headsets, Recall Acoustics, RA3185 is? I need 18 headsets for M/ACom 5100 and 7100 series radios.
any INBASKET or SITUATIONAL JUDGMENT TEST prep or pratcice test material available
For the last 15 years, I have used a concealable vest (not that it is fooling anyone that I do not have a vest on). I have recently tried an exterior carrier with a higher threat level ...
What is the warranty on new X26 Tasers for LE? Is there an extended warranty you can buy?

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