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We are in Northern Illinois and am wondering if agencies are going to snow tires instead of the all season radials at all. Firestone has a police pursuit rated snow tire in it's Firehawk. ...
I would like advice for choosing gloves. I want to find out which is the best for patrol, the cold and will also let you grip/feel your gun.
I work as a part time police officer for Naperville Park District Police. I recently volunteered to be in charge of the medical bags/ supplies. In the six squads in our fleet, we have very ...
We are looking for the best throw phone we can get for around $5,000. Any suggestions?
I am about to enter into a police academy, after finishing my undergraduate degree in CJ and starting my masters in the fall. I am trying to decide on a service weapon to purchase for my ...
We are considering what manufacturer to go with for our puchase of body armor. Armor Express is the top of our list right now. Can you give some insight?
I was under the impression that sherriff K-9 or any K-9 was part of the officers family at home. Then can you tell me why a sheriff in my area keeps his dog in his sheriff car. It can be in ...
Can you give any insight on which book to purchase in regards to preparing for a Sgt. assessment center. We have not been given the basis of the assessment center yet, so an all inclusive ...
I need a citation book holder that fits on the duty belt for beat cops regular citation. I have looked everywhere but haven't found any.
Our agency is considering the pros and cons of issuing pistol weaponlights and holsters to patrol officers. Our question is if such a plan is worthwhile, and how should we proceed? Also, ...

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