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PoliceOne has a team of Law Enforcement Experts ready to answer all of your product related questions. Below is an archive of past questions that have been submitted by PoliceOne members. Each question is open to responses from fellow officers as well as expert commentary from our Product Advisory Board.

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Do you have any? How to find them on your web site
I really like the style of police and military issued products. I'm looking for a grill guard or push bumper for my truck. It's a 2013 dodge ram hemi 4x4 single cab shortbed. I'm also ...
Hello, I work in a small department in a small mountain town in Colorado. During winter we have to enforce a "Winter Parking" regulation for the snow plows. We usually only have 1-2 ...
I'm currently restoring a 97 grand Cherokee police package and it's missing the console, I'm trying to find some info a picture, the one with the slots for the radios, it's a long shot ...
Hello I am a CJ major at Colorado Technical University Online. My instructor listed your website as a means of research. I aw writing a paper (Discussion Board) and I just want to know ...
With the market flooded with body cam vendors. I am looking for a simple comparison or a ranking by law enforcement agencies that are using body cams. Any one have a spreadsheet?
What type available such as silent blanks where and how can you get it. Cost, will it ship to NY State?
We have small officers that are having ergonomic problems when using the mobile computers installed in police vehicles. The seats in the vehicles are stationary and cannot turn. The ...
What are the best ballistic vests for law enforcement officers working in extreme heat conditions?
What brands of lightbar manufacturers offer LED lightbars with built-in dimming capability for night/day?
I have been directed by my department to research and develop courses of action regarding equipping officers with body cameras. I would really like to get my hands on any white papers, ...
I am looking for a grant to purchase crime scene mapping equipment and software. Has anyone been successful at finding one?
I would like to convince my agency to begin a K-9 program. I would appreciate an email with a sample proposal. Thanks.
I am thinking about purchasing my own body cam as, even if they are considering doing so, it will be years before my department does so for everyone. The legal and departmental issues ...
trying to find grant money community patrol vehicle
trying to find grant money community patrol vehicle
What is the life expectancy Of a ballistic shield?
Requesting information regarding prisoner tranport vans. The Grand Rapids Police Department (MI) is looking at options and cost of prisoner transport vans. Requesting any research ...
I am working for and agency in Florida and we are trying to get a Tac/Med position. Other than the training can anyone give me the details on how to start this position? Also any ...
What are the best technologies and vendors for mobile surveillance and detection products, especially for outdoor events such as the Olympics and the Super Bowl? I'm writing an article on ...

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