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The PoliceOne Police Radio/Wireless Networks product category is a collection of information and resources for researching Radio/Wireless Network products and services. Also check out the Police Radios and Police Communications product categories.

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Utility unveils all-in-one in-car router and DVR for G2 body cams
CORE takes the preexisting technologies of video recording and wireless internet access and combines them into one compact device.

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Radio/Wireless Networks Companies

Shoghi Communications Limited
A 57, Sector 6
Fax: no
PO box 120271
917 863 7037
Fax: no
Freedom Fighter Exchange LLC
3721 Kerry BLVD
Fax: no
In Motion Technology Inc.
350 - 625 Agnes Street
604 523 2371
Fax: 604 648 9629
Stark Tactical Systems
PO Box 2034
Fax: no
DataDot Technology Canada
3551 St. Charles Blvd. Suite 564
Fax: no
Pine Valley Tactical
515 E Carefree HWY 472
Fax: no
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