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Police Surveillance Press Release

December 01, 2011

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Capture Technologies Gives Pacific Renaissance Plaza a Major Security Update

Capture Technologies Gives Pacific Renaissance Plaza a Major Security Update

This November, Capture Technologies is working to install 19 new surveillance cameras and one NVR at the Pacific Renaissance Plaza in Chinatown, downtown Oakland.  Previous to this new solution, the plaza only carried analog cameras, which were leaving some areas vulnerable to crime.  Due to a high rate of unreported crime in the area, Oakland Police Department (OPD) encouraged businesses to upgrade their systems.  By providing them with the security solution they need, Capture Technologies has helped shed some light on uncovered areas, while providing service that is only a few minutes away.

Capture Technologies CEO Lou Parrague said, “As a long term Oakland business our company is committed to providing other area institutions and businesses with security solutions that protect their investment and personnel. We are very pleased to have been chosen to optimize security at this beautiful complex.”

Local police are hoping that with businesses making changes to their surveillance and security systems, they can have a wider view of Oakland’s Chinatown.  With new security solutions, Oakland businesses and the OPD have a better chance of being able to see whomever they need to in order to solve a crime.

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The plaza is now equipped with 19 new cameras, adding to the existing 35.  The security solution provided to the plaza comes from a mixture of different Capture Technologies’ vendors.  OpenEye, Orion and IQinVision are just a few of the providers for the IP systems upgrade.

Cameras have been placed around the perimeter of the property, by the parking cashier booth, stairwells, hallways and in entryways and exits.  The system will now cover a larger area, while giving a better quality picture through the IP surveillance solution.

The OpenEye CM710 and the IQinVision 5 megapixel camera will provide the plaza with exactly the quality security solution that they need to deter crime in the area.  Before, with their analog system, Pacific Renaissance Plaza could typically only see one view of a person’s face.  Now they’ll have the ability to see a person’s face from a variety of different angles.

Capture Technologies is proud to assist this plaza and its many surrounding businesses in lowering the risk for crime.  In the past, Capture Technologies has helped a San Francisco plaza to help deter crime as well.  With security upgrades and service, they only hope to keep providing local businesses with the products and service that they deserve.

Capture Technologies, www.capturet.com, based in Oakland, Calif., is a leading provider of security integration and identification solutions for public safety, government, healthcare and educational institutions.

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