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March 23, 2012

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Corona Solutions Releases Web-based Scheduler as a Feature of Ops Force Deploy

Corona Solutions Releases Web-based Scheduler as a Feature of Ops Force Deploy

Corona Solutions announces the release of the highly-anticipated web-based version of Scheduler for Ops Force Deploy Adding the Scheduler feature to the current Deploy system allows agencies to seamlessly analyze every aspect of resource allocation. Deploy stores the agency’s data, workload analysis, and patrol allocation in one place. As a result, the effect(s) of a change in shift plan, subtraction or addition of officers is instantly viewable - saving the agency time and money on analysis efforts.

“With this new release of the Ops Force Deploy Scheduler component, we are able to showcase the improvements made by several years of hard work”, said Dan Harris, CTO at Corona Solutions. “Our customers have asked for more flexibility to adapt to the nearly infinite number of schedules possible. We can now confidently say that we can help make your schedules better, no matter how you want to align your shifts. With radical improvements in technology and interface, this new release empowers our customers to achieve a demonstrably better balance between their budget constraints, personnel satisfaction, and level of service to the community.”

Current Ops Force Deploy customers will be granted access to the beta site today, December 13, to assist with 2012 planning.

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Corona Solutions has been assisting law enforcement agencies with optimizing police resources since 1995. For more information, visit www.coronasolutions.com.

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