TEA Headsets releases new Hi-Threat® (HTH) Tier 1 Headset

Brewster, N.Y. - For over a decade TEA has been providing fully integrated communication kits to SOF and Recon, through key programs such as MICH-Maritime. A critical part of these systems is the “High Noise” communication headset and it’s ability to perform in any environment, even after being fully submerged. TEA’s Hi-Threat® (HTH) Headset is a special version of MSA’s Supreme Pro Headset that was specifically designed to meet the demands and intensity of Tier 1 operators and special operations teams.

The new Hi-Threat® (HTH) Tier 1 headset is TEA’s next generation design. Sporting a totally new adjustable mounting system and ultra low profile headband, the HTH Tier 1 provides operators the ability to choose between wearing the headset under their helmets or mounting them directly to the helmet rails. This new low profile headband is much more comfortable when worn under helmets than earlier headband models because it has a reduced horizontal signature which keeps it from interfering with helmets such as the ACH. What makes the HTH different from others is that it was designed to have a removable headband so you don’t have to sacrifice destroying your headband when converting to a helmet mount.

TEA will offer the HTH Tier 1 in multiple configurations such as Single or Dual Cable Down Leads as well as 3 meter or 1 meter submersible versions. You also have a choice of color such as Black and OD Green and due to high customer demand they will also offer the HTH Tier 1 in Multicam!

Combat Audio Features:
The HTH features Combat Noise Suppression technology that protects the operator’s hearing against damaging noises they’re exposed to during combat. In addition to providing certified hearing protection the HTH has adjustable and amplifiable electronic hearing that allows operators to maintain 360° battlefield awareness.

The Tier 1 version of the HTH also features a ballistic and submersible rated boom microphone that can provide compatibility on multiple communication platforms such as 2-way radios, vehicle/aircraft/watercraft ICS systems and even mobile phones.

New Modular and Adjustable Mounting System:
TEA’s new Hi-Threat® Tier 1 Headset features a totally new adjustable mounting system and low profile headband assembly with support arms that can adjust up or down for proper fit and then locked into place with screw on tension caps. This new version of the HTH provides users the broadest market compatibility with new and legacy helmets. The new slim headband design allows for standalone use, comfortable wear underneath helmets or the headband can be easily removed and replaced with rail adapters for mounting directly to the rails on helmets.

Removable Headband Cover:
The HTH headband features a removable nylon cover that integrates the cable with the new headband frame. This cover has an inner cushion for added comfort against the head, which is also breathable to reduce hot spots. Since this cover has Velcro™ attachments, it can be easily removed to covert over to the helmet rail mounts (or vice versa). The headband cover is manufactured within the US and is in compliance with the Berry Amendment.

HTH Tier 1 with Team Wendy® Helmets:
The HTH also has full compatibility with Team Wendy’s EXFIL™ helmets (including the new LTP version). The HTH easily fits underneath this helmet without making any adjustments to the inner mounting system. TEA also offers a rail adapter kit that allows for mounting directly to Team Wendy® helmets. The rail adapters can be adjusted for a more exact fit and also for stowing of the headset behind the head.

HTH Tier 1 with Ops-Core® Helmets:
The HTH has full compatibility with bump and ballistic versions of the Ops-Core® FAST™ helmet. The HTH easily fits underneath this helmet by making a simple adjustment to the inner two crown pads. TEA also offers a rail adapter kit that allows for mounting directly to the helmet. The rail adapters can be adjusted for a more exact fit and also for stowing of the headset behind the head.

Complete your Comms with TEA’s U94 Tactical Push-to-Talk Line:
The new HTH Tier 1 is fully compatible with TEA’s U94 Tactical Push-to-Talk product line. TEA offers a variety of U94 PTT versions such as Single Radio, Dual Radio, Radio + ICS as well as special versions that include secondary auxiliary switches such as their HALO or Sniper Switches. TEA also offers fully submersible Single and Dual Radio versions for maritime or dive applications.

About TEA Headsets: For almost 45 years TEA has helped set the standard in designing and providing the highest quality of tactical communication headsets and communication products to specialized teams within the military, government and law enforcement. TEA has a long proven history of providing teams within the Military and SOF community communication solutions with broad capabilities to ensure the highest level of effectiveness during missions.

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