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Tactical Apparel

 - The PoliceOne Tactical Apparel product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Tactical Apparel. Tactical Apparel products are specially designed to stand up to the stress of critical situations and special operations. This category covers a variety of specialty accessories, outerwear, trousers, shirts and polos.
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The Buckle Keeper is a short strip of material that wraps around your duty belt to keep it in place and secures the buckle so that it can’t be undone.

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Arm yourself with vision and versatility get the respect you deserve with T&M Tactical Light...

At Horace Small, there’s no limit to the commitment we have when it comes to outfitting...

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  • Women's Kevlar Patrol Gloves Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    I am a very small female officer who is looking for a pair of needleproof Kevlar gloves for patrol. I cannot wear men's gloves (yes, even the XS, they are ...

  • Custom Gloves/Vendor? Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    My fiance, a law enforcement officer, saw an episode of SpikeTV and one of the tactical officers wore a pair of black gloves with the letters Po Po tattooed ...

  • Propper Tac.U 4 pocket BDU Jacket Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    Do you know where I can get a Propper Tac.U 4 pocket BDU Jacket cheap? Thank you

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