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Ballistic Shields Press Release

April 17, 2009

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Introducing PatrolBat from Baker Ballistics

The PatrolBat™ is a lightweight, very portable, highly mobile and extremely protective ballistic shield that allows both hands on the primary weapon.

Three independent curved hard and durable composite armor panels, reinforced edges, armor panels attached and shock-mounted via nylon webbing and elastic straps. Includes weapon stabilization guide, hand support strap and nylon web lanyard (with adjuster & quick release design) for quick attachment to user's duty belt.

Black. Other colors available on special order.

12.3 lbs.

Ballistic Coverage:
Fully deployed – approximately 5.2 sq/ft of multi-curved ballistic protection that protects the user from greater angled threats much more effectively than larger conventional rectangular shields.

Ballistic Capability:
9MM 124gr. FMC Exceeding 1600 F.P.S., designed in accordance with NIJ-STD- 0108.01, Threat Level IIIA ballistic protocols.

Ballistic Material:
Multi-curved proprietary Aramid Reinforced Composite (ARC™)

Standard Identification:
POLICE or SHERIFF Identification (other ID available on special order). Default identification marking is POLICE.

Operating Temperature Range:
5º F through 130º F

Storage Temperature Range:
- 30º F through 165º F

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