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Ballistic Shields Press Release

August 20, 2010

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Introducing Patriot3's Flex Shield

Flex Shield was designed to meet the requirement for compact, lightweight and rapidly deployable protection. Utilizing advanced aramid technology, the revolutionary design of Flex Shield allows it to be rolled into a compact 8” x 24” dimension and stored in patrol and similar vehicles with limited space. Once needed, Flex Shield can be deployed by pulling a release tab allowing the shield to drop with gravity and rendered usable instantly in its Flex-Mode.

Flex Field can be handled in Flex-Mode by an officer or placed over a patrol vehicle door or windshield where it conforms to the vehicles surface for more complete coverage. If time permits (approx. 10 seconds), the stiffening rods can be inserted to make Flex Shield rigid for more traditional shield operations. The Flex Shield is a full size shield (24” x 45”) and extremely lightweight (11lbs).

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