Video: "Low-tech" video stalls search for sledgehammer suspect

Poor image quality can hinder officers in identifying suspects

By PoliceOne Staff

MIAMI — The surveillance image of the man who beat a store clerk with a sledgehammer is too poor quality to make out his face, highlighting a wider safety problem with "low-tech" video technology in need of an upgrade.

Yue Kui Cen, a clerk at Alex's Mini Market in Miami, is seen on tape getting sprayed with an unidentifiable substance, then viciously beaten. He has been in critical condition since the incident Sunday, according to NBC Miami, but police are still searching for the suspect, who was caught on camera but hard to make out in the poor quality tape.

Police and and business owners can get criminals identified and arrested faster with better equipment that captures more details than a basic, blurry image could ever communicate to officials.

"High definition cameras, infrared lenses, lenses with auto focus, those are the things you want to look out for," security consultant Brad Minto said. "You're getting a clearer picture of the bad guy's face."

Police described the suspect as an older white male, approximately 5'8" tall and about 170 pounds. He was wearing a cap, a button-down shirt, black pants and a grey sweater,according to CBS News.

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