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Police Night Vision Press Release

June 22, 2010

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Nivisys Announces Price Reduction on NSV-80 Clip-On Night Vision Device

Tempe, AZ – Nivisys Industries LLC, a U.S. based, full-service manufacturer of night vision and thermal products, has announced a significant price reduction for the highly recommended NSV-80 clip-on night vision device. This quality night vision component has been specially designed by Zeiss, to clip-on to the picatinny rail in front of a precision rifle optic. The addition of the NSV-80 does not require any modification to the primary rifle optic and simply allows the shooter to make positive identification of a down range situation. Special Law Enforcement pricing is now available and delivery can be within a matter of days in most cases.

The newly announced $1,500.00 price discount has made this product more accessible to tactical teams and other units with a need for increased positive target identification in low light environments. FREE shipping will be included for U.S. based, law enforcement agencies.

To take advantage of this offer, visit Nivisys’ website at www.nivisys.com and contact Rob Lowe at rlowe@nivisys.com or 480-970-3222.

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