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Tactical Products Press Release

March 01, 2003

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Hatch's Centurion Disturbance Gear Now Available as Complete Kit

For Immediate Release - Oxnard, CA

Oxnard, California, January 22, 2003 - In response to consumer demand, Hatch's popular Centurion Disturbance Gear may now be purchased as a complete kit.

The kit is available in two versions to suit varying applications and budgets. Each set of gear includes a chest protector, integrated groin protector, hard-shell shin guards, forearm protection, gloves and nylon restraints packed in Hatch's new M2 Mission Specific gear bag, introduced in the fall of 2002.

"Making the complete kit available was a handy solution to meet increasing consumer demand and simplify agency purchases," noted Mike McCarey, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Hatch.

For more information on Centurion Disturbance Gear, visit the Riot Gear Section of Hatch's Web site.


Hatch Corporation is a 32 year old, privately held company in Oxnard, California. Hatch is the leading manufacturer of high quality gloves, riot gear and advanced tactical eyewear with approximately 70% market share in the Law Enforcement glove category.

For more information, phone Hatch at 800-767-1343, request by e-mail at info@hatch-corp.com or log onto www.hatch-corp.com.

Erik Rockel
Marketing Coordinator

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