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May 08, 2007

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Zistos Launches Tandem View Display Configuration

The Zistos Tandem View Display Configuration enables tactical teams to observe and conduct missions using multiple video displays. The Tandem View is compatible with the full array of Zistos tactical video products including covert and thermal pole cameras, under-the-door cameras and videoscopes.

It consists of the Zistos Video Monocle, a helmet-mounted miniature LCD, and a second independently-controlled 5″ LCD monitor mounted on the back of the point man’s vest. The Video Monocle allows the point man to observe his immediate environment with one eye while using the other eye to view the video image with no telltale glow from the display. The LCD can be viewed by the supporting team members behind him. This increases the safety and stealth of the lead position and the situational awareness of the others.

As with all of Zistos’ modular systems, additional wireless monitors can be added to expand the video surveillance for other team members or a command post.

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