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September 22, 2009

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ITOTA announces partnership with London Bridge Trading to host the 2009 Tactical Evolution Expo and Conference

Virginia Beach, Virginia - The International Tactical Officers Training Association (ITOTA) is proud and excited to partner with London Bridge Trading (LBT) to host the 2009 Tactical Evolution Expo and Conference to be held at the Westin Hotel Town Center located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The Tactical Evolution Expo and Conference is scheduled for October 21st and 22nd, 2009, and will be a first class production with all levels of the law enforcement and military special operations community in attendance.    

The Tactical Evolution Expo and Conference is based on the concept of how "fifth" generation warfare has pushed Tactical Operations and training into a new evolution bringing the civilian Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations communities closer together - Tactical Evolution. Military and Law Enforcement tactical concepts are advancing and merging together by utilizing the best from both worlds. This is happening as a result of the War on Terrorism, direct urban conflict and Maritime Operations.

The Tactical Evolution Expo and Conference was developed to provide a "mainstream" educational platform with a dual theme of Maritime Counter Terrorism and Tactical Rescue Operations, which meshes the tactical training and knowledge of both law enforcement and military special operations. You will hear from the of ITOTA's finest international speakers from the pinnacle of U.S., Canadian and German tactical Law Enforcement to U.S. Army, Navy and British Special Operations Units.

We are posed to provide the most innovative and main stream training and equipment solutions available. The courses scheduled for the academic portion of the Tactical Evolution Expo and Conference are designed to show how tactics are evolving to generate enhanced results for the operator utilizing them. It's about providing options and securing the homeland from within and abroad. All the courses and the vendor showcase are free to attend. This is our way of "giving back" to our members! We look forward to seeing you there!

The ITOTA is an international association designed to offer quality professional training and information sharing. The ITOTA recognizes the need to expand and share tactical knowledge by focusing on the wealth of experience that exists in the global tactical community.

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