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 - The PoliceOne Traffic Enforcement product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching traffic regulation solutions. The Traffic Enforcement category covers a broad range of products such as fixed and handheld police radar, traffic cones, dash-mounted detectors and police digital camera systems.
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Living the future of in-car video with Digital Ally
Advanced technology takes DVM-800 system to the next level to ensure officer safety, accountaiblity, and easy maintenance.

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  • E- Ticket

    Does anyone have any suggestion on what equipment Motor Officer are using for E-Tickets ?

  • How to remove key but leave engine running? Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    Years ago I read articles about an electronic device which allowed police vehicles to be left running but with ignition key removed. Upper level managers ...

  • Radar distance Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    What is the distance limit both for close and distance from the unit?

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