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Police License Plate Readers Press Release

March 04, 2009

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Vigilant Video Announces the Release of Car Detector Mobile 4.0

Vigilant Video is proud to announce the release of Car Detector 4.0. Its many new features help improve the ability for the Law Enforcement officer to have more mechanisms that aide in the searching out of wanted criminals while providing alerts in real-time when known suspects are within range of a watchful eye. Car Detector will be a force multiplier for your agency by aiding in the apprehension of stolen vehicles, registered sex offenders, AMBER alerts, narcotic and crime investigations and more!

Our new key features include: Remote access to LEARN (Law Enforcement Archival Retrieval Network), Operator and Administrator level permissions, multilingual, simplified 5-click install and fully automated start-up and connection to LEARN for headless data collection systems, run four cameras concurrently and improved recognition for smaller, skewed and darker plates. All with an updated look and feel.

Call us regarding a live on-site demo today or visit www.vigilantvideo.com for more information.

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