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Traffic Enforcement Press Release

July 21, 2009

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Introducing New 2009 Product Catalog for Kustom Signals, Inc.

The 2009 edition of the Kustom Signals, Inc.® Catalog is now available. 

Kustom Signals offers a full line of products including: radar, laser, speed trailers, speed displays, in-car video, and more.

New products featured in the catalog include the Raptor RP-1™, which is the smallest moving radar on the market.  The Raptor RP-1™ is waterproof so it is perfect for mounting on a motorcycle. 

The new Smart® 800+ speed trailer is viewable up to 1250 feet and has an 18 inch display.  The new Smart® VMS HT variable message sign offers WiFi and solar assisted recharge.  And the new Digital Eyewitness® G3 in-car video is a full-featured system that offers economy of both size and price.

The catalog includes detailed lists of product features, accessories, options, and specifications.  The catalog also offers great warranty options and service solutions.

Go to to see the new homepage design, featuring five of our most popular products.  We have also added a What’s New button to show more up-to-date information on products and trade shows.  Click on the Kustom Signals Catalog button to see or download the 2009 catalog. 

Established in 1965, Kustom Signals, Inc.®, a Public Safety Equipment Company, designs and manufactures a complete line of speed enforcement, speed awareness and in-car video systems for law enforcement agencies.

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