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Traffic Enforcement Press Release

April 15, 2013

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Keep Crime Scenes Private with the SRN 1000 Privacy Barrier System

Introducing the SRN 1000 Privacy Barrier System

The SRN 1000 Privacy Barrier System provides the necessary Security, Safety, and Privacy, to block or barricade restricted areas, and keeps the public from physically and visually infringing on the property or scene. Proudly serving Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Military Operations, and Disaster Relief.

• First Responder & Emergency Services, use to block and barricade
• Hazmat & OSHA, Aide in Safety & Clean up of hazardous materials
• Privacy corridors and barricades for public officials
• Line separation and crowd control at public events
• Disaster Relief – Barricade an entire house or block
• Crime Scene Investigation, Securely enforce your NO Tamper Zone
• Traffic Accidents, Traffic Control – alleviate rubbernecking
• On location interviewing and filming

Watch the demo video to see it in action or visit for more information.

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