Assessment centers, part 2

My July article on career advancement began a discussion on how to excel on promotional examinations that used an assessment center process. The article concentrated on the in-basket and provided a sample test for readers to take. Since all my articles build on one another I recommend a quick review of my July article (by clicking here) before proceeding.

The previous article pointed out that a police supervisor (sergeant and sometimes Lieutenant’s) or manager (Lieutenant and above) often deals in their day-to-day work with memorandums, written and oral complaints, investigative reports, internal documents, letters, and telephone calls. In the in-basket exercise you and the other candidates (depending on the number, this is sometimes done in groups) are seated together in a room at desks or conference tables. The monitor places a large manila envelope in front of each candidate, containing the "in-basket" (of day-to-day paperwork) relevant to a typical sergeant or lieutenant-for example-in your department.

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