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Police Training Gear Press Release

February 16, 2011

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Blauer Tactical Systems Testimonials

The following testimonials were written to Tony Blauer, Founder and CEO of Blauer Tactical Systems.


"Tony! I am a BIG fan of your work. I think that your contributions have taken the warrior community into an entirely new evolutionary step. And this new program of yours is a major step forward. In my science fiction series (The Two-Space War), set hundreds of years in the future, they refer to our current era as the "Warrior Renaissance." We have learned more about the psychology and physiology of combat in the last 50 years than in the previous 5,000 years put together. And in the distant future Tony Blauer is referred to as "Saint Blauer." This is an inside joke, half in jest between friends, but it is also half in truth. I believe that hundreds of years from now, when the history of this Warrior Renaissance, this Golden Age of Warriors, is written, that Tony Blauer will be remembered as one of the great pioneers who propelled us forward to the next evolutionary step in warriorhood. And you can quote me on that!"

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LT. Dave Grossman,
U.S. Army (Ret.)
Director, Killology Research Group


"When it comes to reality-based training there are few people that have really pioneered training or forced advancements in the field of combative sciences. Tony Blauer is one of those individuals. His approach to breaking down confrontations and development of the Ballistic Micro-Fight allows trainers and warriors to understand close quarter tactics at the deepest level. His HIGH GEAR suit is also an invaluable addition to the world of scenario-based training. Tony's ideas on what 'protective' suit should do for training is a complete paradigm shift from the conventional model. In the classes I teach I have had the opportunity to work with many types of protective gear. While each of the protective suits available on the market serve various purposes during training, when speed, intensity and realistic movement are required in the scenario, I prefer the HIGH GEAR suit."

Kenneth Murray
Armiger Police Training Institute


"Tony's work is the definition of inclusiveness, and can't be captured under a single word. For those of you have an interest in understanding more about Tony's system (and I genuinely hope this includes all of you), ...Be Your Own Bodyguard goes far, far beyond technique. In all seriousness, A BJJ player and a Thai Boxer will both find the material equally useful in increasing their ability to defend themselves on the street."

Kirik Jenness
New England Submission Fighting,


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