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Police Online Training Press Release

November 08, 2013

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Detecting Deception - The Art & Science of Uncovering and Testifying to the Truth

Sometimes the most elusive thing in law enforcement can be the truth. Here's how to find it!

Investigator Paul S. McCormick, a highly seasoned, heavily trained "lie detector" shares his knowledge of the strategies that peel away layers of deception and reveal the truth.

Inside this highly effective, immediately applicable manual you'll learn how to:

  • • "Guide" conversations with suspects in a manner that increases your chances of getting honest information from them.
    • Recognize the critical difference between "profiling" suspects and "discriminating" and why it's so important to your case.
    • Physically position yourself in a manner that can have a positive impact on your pursuit of honest responses.
    • Spot "clusters" of behaviors and responses that can indicate a suspect is not being truthful.
    • Employ "active listening skills" that can prove priceless for knowing when to dig deeper into a suspect's response.
    • Get a suspect moved forward from trying to tell you the truth to actually telling it!
    • Recognize key phrasing that can clearly flag attempts to hedge responses and deceive you.
    • Understand semantic nuances that can make a world of difference in your understanding of what a suspect is really telling you.
    • Interpret a suspect's body language to help you determine the truthfulness of the information they are sharing with you.
    • How to time interrogations in a fashion that is conductive to keeping a jury's attention down the road.

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