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Police Training Press Release

July 30, 2007

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In The Line of Duty Launches New Training Video: Dogfighting—What Every Cop Needs to Know

Michael Vick has done the world a favor, and every law enforcement agency can benefit.

Watch our training video: "Dogfighting/What Every Cop Needs to Know".

It'll take you into this vicious, underground world and educate your officers.

Learn how to:

  • Identify illegal dogfighting in your community
  • How to deal with dogfighters' stealthy ways to avoid police
  • How to strategize and plan your offensive
  • Tools, equipment, medications dogfighters employ
  • Where to get help in your efforts

See how just one dogfight bust can be:

  • lucrative for your department
  • collar criminals for infractions ranging from illegal weapons, drug dealing, outstanding warrants, and much more
  • be one of the greatest public relations coups your department has ever had
  • be a great resource to share to gain lea support in your community,schools, judicial system, etc.

It's the training program that'll pay you and your lea rich rewards and only available from In the Line of Duty.

To watch a video clip and get more information on purchasing this training video go to www.lineofduty.com.

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