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May 14, 2009

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2009 US National SWAT Championships (USNSC) and US SWAT Sniper Championships (USSSC) Coming Up in June

The 2009 US National SWAT Championships (USNSC) and US SWAT Sniper Championships (USSSC) will be held 15-20 June at the US Shooting Academy (USSA) in Tulsa, OK. The competitions are open to any Law Enforcement related SWAT/Tactical/Sniper team (local, state or federal) and annually draws teams from across the US and several international teams.

The USNSC is a three-day team competition consisting of eight (8), live-fire tactical stages that test fitness, SWAT/weapons skills, and team organization. Scoring is objective based on time and target hits. Tactics are not judged. The events are live-fire (one round per target), conducted in full tactical gear in head-to-head stages. Teams provide their own ammunition, weapons and gear.

The USSSC is a two-day competition for two man sniper teams. It will be six (6) live fire stages designed to test the combat marksmanship, fitness, teamwork and decision- making. Skills with long gun, carbine and pistol will be challenged. The stages will be conducted in full gear, head-to-head and are objectively scored based on time and target hits. Teams will use their own weapons and duty ammunition. Officers will have one round per assigned target. Long guns may not be larger than .308/7.62 caliber (no .338 or .50 cal).

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Registered teams will receive a Competition Book with diagrams and specifics for each course of fire. Trophies and total prize package is over $60,000 with prizes and trophies awarded for each event stage. The 2009 USNSC/USSSC entry fees are $850 for a SWAT team (6-10 officers) and $250 for a sniper team. Fees cover the Team Reception and Awards Banquet. SWAT Seminar, and each competitor’s goody bag.

Registration information can be found on the USNSC/USSSC website: (www.nationalswatchampionships.com), or call 480-854-9955.

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