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May 31, 2011

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The PoliceOne Academy Receives Approval from the Oklahoma CLEET and Meets the Indiana LETB Guidelines for eTraining

SAN FRANCISCO – PoliceOne.com, the leading online resource for the law enforcement community, is proud to announce that the PoliceOne Academy, a comprehensive online training video library for law enforcement agencies, is now approved by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. In addition, it has been announced that the Academy meets the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board’s guidelines for eTraining.

The Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) has approved the PoliceOne Academy, in conjunction with Calibre Press, for 40 hours of CE credit. For more information visit the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training online at www.cleet.state.ok.us.  

In addition, the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board (LETB) has announced that department training managers can use the PoliceOne Academy for their new eTraining approval requirements. Officers have a 24-hour annual requirement, all of which can be accomplished through the PoliceOne Academy with department approval. The certification number will be generated by each department (training officer’s instructor number), not the state. See the complete list of LETB’s guidelines at www.in.gov/ilea/2373.htm#ILEA_To_Offer_E_Training.  

The PoliceOne Academy, which launched in January 2011, now serves 60 departments in 28 states and is in the process of securing more state certifications. It is operated in partnership with Calibre Press, the top provider of law enforcement training nationwide, including the Street Survival Seminar.

With more than 400 high-definition training videos from leading law enforcement experts, the PoliceOne Academy offers departments cost-effective access to top-quality police training for an annual subscription based on agency size. All 400 training videos are accompanied by detailed lesson plans, covering topics ranging from defensive tactics to leadership.

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“Once again, we are pleased to see states and departments across the country implementing the PoliceOne Academy for use by their officers,” said Alex Ford, CEO of PoliceOne. “Our goal is to provide officers with the most up-to-date and comprehensive training solution in order to keep them safe on the job – the PoliceOne Academy has allowed us to do just that.”

Submit a request online or call (800) 323-0037 to get free preview access to the PoliceOne Academy for your department. To learn more about PoliceOne Academy, visit http://www.PoliceOneAcademy.com/.  

To inquire about approval in your state, contact Nicole Forzano at (415) 962-8341.

About PoliceOne Academy
PoliceOne.com, the leading online resource for the law enforcement community, has teamed up with law enforcement training provider, Calibre Press, to bring officers PoliceOne Academy. PoliceOne Academy is the largest online training video library for law enforcement officers, and the first of its kind. With more than 400 videos in more than 50 categories, PoliceOne Academy gives departments’ instant access to training that will advance officer’s performance and help to keep them safe on the streets. PoliceOne Academy offers an advanced delivery system that ensures a high quality of streaming along with access to training materials 24/7.

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