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January 04, 2013

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Law Enforcement Icon Dave Smith Announces Nationwide Training Tour


TUCSON, AZ – Internationally known law enforcement experts and instructors Dave and Betsy Smith of Dave Smith & Associates are pleased to announce their 2013 training schedule, exclusively featuring their “Winning Mind” seminar series for law enforcement and military personnel.

Dave Smith, known for the “JD Buck Savage” video training series, his work as the director of education for the Law Enforcement Television Network [LETN], and as the general manager and senior instructor for Calibre Press and the “Street Survival” seminar, has been teaching his signature class, “The Winning Mind”, internationally since 1987.

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With the Praetorian Group’s sale of Calibre Press, Smith will no longer be teaching the “Street Survival” seminar and will be focusing on expanding the “Winning Mind” series. “We’re training people to win and winning goes beyond gunfights and confrontations,” says Smith. “We want you to win the entire event. We want you to get home, be able to keep the home, and be emotionally healthy in your home.”

Smith’s wife Betsy Brantner Smith is also a veteran police trainer, former “Street Survival” instructor and a prolific author. She is the creator of the only training of its kind for women in law enforcement, “The Winning Mind for Women” and has been invited into hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country to speak on the science of “gender intelligence” and its relationship to officer safety, leadership skills, tactical training and much more.

“This is not a new business for us,” Betsy Smith explains, “It’s a new focus. The ‘Winning Mind’ series is designed to inform and inspire anyone who works in a law enforcement organization.”

The Smiths will be partnering with Public Grants and Training Initiatives (www.PG-TI.com) to deliver low cost, open registration courses to public safety personnel nationwide and will continue to appear at national and regional conferences throughout North America.

The Smiths will also continue their work with the Praetorian Group’s popular PoliceOne.com website and innovative video training product, the PoliceOne Academy. 

“We’re excited to extend our partnership with Dave Smith & Associates,” says Alex Ford, CEO of the Praetorian Group. “Dave and Betsy Smith have been instrumental in helping us build upon PoliceOne’s mission to deliver critical information and must-have training content for law enforcement worldwide. We’re looking forward to working with them to deliver even more valuable training and online resources to the law enforcement community in the coming year.”

For decades Dave and Betsy Smith have successfully trained and educated thousands of law enforcement personnel throughout the world.  They are devoted to delivering the key concepts of “winning” in more than 50 different cities throughout the United States and Canada in 2013. For a full list of course locations, conference dates and registration information, visit www.jdbucksavage.com or call 630-399-1645.   

About Dave Smith & Associates
Dave “JD Buck Savage” Smith has been a law enforcement icon for nearly four decades. In 1998, Dave and his wife, police trainer and prolific author Betsy Brantner Smith, combined forces to create Dave Smith and Associates and “Winning Mind” seminars. Together the Smiths provide law enforcement training and consulting services that are unique, proven, and constantly updated.

Traveling to all 50 United States as well as to Canada, Mexico, the Balkans, the United Arab Emirates, and more, Dave and Betsy bring unparalleled experience, integrity, and commitment to the ever-changing world of policing and beyond.

The Smiths believe that the best way to honor our fallen is to tell their stories and learn from their sacrifices. Their training philosophy is that “survival” is minimalistic and that we must strive to WIN in every aspect of life.  To that end, “Winning Mind Seminars” celebrates those warriors who have won life and death confrontations physically, tactically, legally and emotionally. For more information, visit www.jdbucksavage.com.

About Winning Mind seminars
Dave “JD Buck Savage” Smith first presented “The Winning Mind” in 1987.  Since then it has evolved into one of the most remarkable training experiences that law enforcement personnel will ever attend.  By looking at the key components of peak performance, including who survives and why, the roles that optimism, risk and bureaucracy play in our personal and professional lives, and how individuals and organizations can make themselves truly resilient, Dave presents an entertaining and inspiring program designed to help everyone, regardless of their experience, optimize their odds of winning any confrontation.

“The Winning Mind for Women” is one of the most unique and popular courses offered by the Winning Mind team.  Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith guides students through 8 hours of intensive, interactive training that will provide attendees with updates and information they can employ to improve and enhance both their professional and personal lives. For more information or to schedule a course, visit www.jdbucksavage.com.

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