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Police Training Products Press Release

October 31, 2005

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Dummies Unlimited Introduces New "Soft" Coating for Numb John XT

Pomona, CA - Dummies Unlimited, Inc. introduces a NEW Flexible yet durable skin coating for their Numb John XT training dummy. This new "flexible skin" is now offered on all new Numb John XT's. This new polyurethane compound creates a durable, stitchless, seamless, waterproof surface that will endure years of baton strikes, (even from expandable batons), and thousands of Less Lethal Ballistics, yet is still flexible and soft enough for Punching and Kicking. These features make Numb John the most versatile Less Lethal Training aid available.

Numb John XT is a free-standing, full-impact baton-training device. Standing 6'-2" tall, Numb John's life-size appearance simulates a human figure with his right arm surging forward simulating a weapon attack. His vital points are prominently marked with red geometric figures for instructional training. Numb John is constructed of molded foam covered with multiple layers of Ballistic Nylon, over a steel skeletal frame. Constructed in this manner, his arms will never sag or droop.

For more than 40 years Numb John has been an effective and durable training partner. Unlike any other training dummy, Numb John's realistic physical size and human attributes are ideal to initiate and reinforce accurate baton techniques as well as a multitude of Less Lethal training options.

Numb John XT comes on a mobile, steel lined platform with locking wheels that enables the dummy to be easily transported, yet it is ready to endure strikes just by locking the four wheels. A control handle is also available to "charge and regress" so that officers will learn proper foot movement, balance and distance between themselves and their suspects.

The two greatest benefits to training on a human featured dummy are; first officers can establish accurate and effective muscle-mass techniques using their own real street baton. Secondly, static training on a dummy eliminates extensive liability from just one stray power strike to a trainer holding a contact bag.

Also, rapid combination strikes on a contact bag being held by a trainer cannot be done safely unless the trainer can anticipate each strike. This is counter-productive when teaching combination strikes. Well-rounded training centers establish accurate, full-impact baton techniques on a static dummy with a real street baton. Then they carry those techniques into a scenario with foam baton and a trainer in a padded suit. This method of training increases the proficiency of the officer and minimizes department liability.

Since the advent of less lethal ballistics, a 3-D human featured target with arms, legs, head and torso, is in demand for accurate 12 gauge, 37 and 40mm target training. Numb John XT is the only 3-D, life size-human figured training dummy that can endure less-lethal ballistics with hardly a scratch. Even the 37 mm wood dowels designed as riot skip projectiles traveling at 900 ft./sec., hardly blemish the skin of Numb John XT. If a department is looking to improve their baton training, less lethal ballistics accuracy or martial arts techniques, Numb John XT is a versatile training partner.

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