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Police Training Products Press Release

January 31, 2011

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TASK Opens California Scenario Based CQB Facility

Gardena, CA – Tactical Advantage System Kinesiology, LCC, dba, TASK has opened a scenario based Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Force on Force tactical training facility for the use by Law Enforcement. The facility offers a 12,000 square foot building with multiple scenarios that an officer would encounter in their workday. Some of the scenarios are School Classrooms, Restaurant, Residential living areas and a Bus Seizure. Scenarios can also arranged on special request. The facility offers a four person training ammunition range along with several pop-out targets and moving targets along with changing scenery and changeable walls for varying scenarios. Training weapons will be used with Non-Lethal Ammunition, Simunition and Ultimate Training Munition.

Two classrooms are available for Presentations for groups of 10 to 32. Also available is a combat mat used for Self Defense Training, Edged Weapons Training, CPR, and First Aid.

Training weapons can be rented or can be brought by the training organization. Training ammunition can be provided on-site. Training sessions are recorded on remote hard drive to be given to the agency for training review.

The facility can be rented Monday through Friday in 4 hour blocks or on a daily basis. Agencies may be entitled to a free training one a year. Task also provided Host for outside training operators.

Civilian classes are taught regularly by current and retired law enforcement and military personnel. Individual officers and/or civilians may enroll in CQB and scenario classes online at www.taskenforcement.org or call for more details 310-217-0711.

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