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Police Training Products Press Release

December 22, 2011

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Dummies Unlimited, Inc. Wins "Product Innovation Award" for Realistic 3-D Targets

Dummies Unlimited, Inc. Wins "Product Innovation Award" for Realistic 3-D Targets

So you've been shooting at a flat piece of steel or paper target for years. Does the suspect always stand facing directly at you in a lethal confrontation?

Are your SWAT snipers shooting at a 2-D steel circle from long range? Wouldn't it be nice to focus on a realistic, anatomical target from a low, elevated, or oblique trajectory position?

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It's time to take your firearms training to a whole new level with our Realistic 3-D SWAT Targets.

• Four Different Males/ Two Different Females to choose from
• Self Sealing Poly Urethane Compound
• Able to Endure 5,000 to 10,000 “live” Rounds)
• Interchangeable Innocent / Lethal Props for “Shoot”/”No Shoot” Training
• Available in Non- Reactive and Reactive
• Tactical Fill Compound available to cover holes and extend life span

Our Life sized 3-Dimensional design makes these SWAT targets ideal for realistic room entry, sniper training and "Shoot, No Shoot" judgment scenarios. These targets emphasize realistic detail of facial features, hair, clothing, coloration: all the essentials of their "living" counter parts.

Now you can practice realistic shots at a 30 or 45 degree angle from either side, as well as straight on, creating a realistic training scenario.

Made from tough self-sealing polyurethane foam,these models give a new meaning to realistic training and enable the average target to withstand 5,000 to 10,000 ball rounds from virtually any size firearm. 3-D SWAT Targets can also endure thousands of Simunition rounds as well.

SWAT Tactical Targets can be purchased with or without a "reactionary block" in the head amd chest which represents a "kill zone". When shots hit the zone, the targets "react" by falling over, representing a critical hit. (Reactionary stand required for reactionary models). Add clothing for further realism.

Our 3-D SWAT Targets can also be purchased with a variety of interchangeable Lethal or Non-Lethal props to create "Shoot-No Shoot" judgement training.

Learn more or order today at www.dummiesunlimited.com.

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