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Police Training Simulators Press Release

November 30, 2007

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Federal Law Enforcement Training Center takes driving simulation to the next level

EVOC-101 Training Software has been successfully installed and is in full use at FLETC


Murray, UT — Applied Simulation Technologies (AST), announced the completed installation of eight (8) EVOC-101™ emergency vehicle operations driver training software programs to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, GA. This sale included the training of FLETC personnel to effectively use the EVOC-101 software, Straight Through Intersections on their PatrolSim simulators.

AST developed the EVOC-101 software courses to improve simulator training by providing valid, structured and objective lesson plans and training tools. The validity of this courseware is the direct result of over two years of use, refinement and analysis from the Utah Department of Public Safety (UDPS). The results showed that EVOC-101 effectively solved the problems most encountered in Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVO) simulation training.

The EVOC-101 software provides short, structured scenarios. Based on UDPS analysis, the driver-training scenarios reduce trainee free play, present information in an optimal format for learning and retention, provide trainers and trainees with immediate, objective feedback, as well as mitigate Simulator Adaption Syndrome (a sense of dizziness or nausea sometimes experienced by trainees while on the driving simulator).

About Applied Simulation Technology
AST is a training and safety technology company specializing in simulation-based training and related software. The company’s unique approach to safety includes the use of electronic assistance technology and adaptive course content to focus on individual driver’s needs. Adapting EVOC-101 to a web-based application is an example of AST’s applied solutions to improving workplace operations. Further information can be obtained at AST’s web site: www.appliedsimtech.com .

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