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Police Training Simulators Press Release

April 17, 2012

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IES Releases MILO 4.4 with New Microsoft Kinect Functionality

IES Interactive Training announces a new software refresh of its leading simulation and training platform, MILO 4.4, featuring new Microsoft™ Kinect options and functionality. IES’ MILO training systems are widely selected as the leading simulation platform by law enforcement, public safety, security agencies and military forces for interactive firearms training and use of force/judgmental decision-response training throughout the world.

The release of MILO 4.4 includes integration of Microsoft’s Kinect for a variety of training objectives. Sivan Segev, IES’s Director of Research & Development noted, “IES is very excited about this significant leap forward in simulation training for our current and potential new customers. IES has continuously worked to add user-driven functionality and abilities to our systems. MILO 4.4 will take realism of training, interactivity, and responsiveness to an entirely new level not seen before in firearms and use of force training systems.”

With the Microsoft Kinect feature enabled, IES’s MILO training simulators can now detect and respond to a variety of trainee verbal and non-verbal actions, including:

• Baton swings
• Punches, strikes and kicks
• Defensive and offensive movements and positions
• Customized poses and gestures
• Tactical movement and positions
• Speech and verbal commands

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In addition, MILO 4.4 with Kinect can track and respond to trainee movement in real-time to provide 3D camera view adjustments, allowing innovative training such as corner clearing in CQM and CQB exercises.

MILO 4.4 will also provide many other significant product enhancements for current and new customers:

• Over 500 interactive training scenarios with Full HD
• More than 50 GraphX interactive firearms drills and exercises
• Multi-lane Firing Range software for up to 24 lanes of marksmanship on a single system
• 6 and 8 laser (lane) device capabilities on new Classic and Advanced systems
• TAC trainee audio/video recordings during GraphX exercises
• VBS2 interactive graphics based scenarios training options

Robert McCue, IES’s General Manager remarked, “We are confident that our customers will be very pleased with this important technology refresh for MILO 4.4, particularly those that choose to explore and add the Microsoft Kinect options that we have recently integrated. All IES customers will continue to benefit from MILO’s cutting-edge technology, intuitive user interface, strong content creation tools and new full HD media content released at no charge each quarter”.

IES provides the MILO 4.4 software upgrade for free to existing MILO 4 customers via download from the IES website. The optional MS Kinect system and other system enhancements can be added to any IES system by contacting IES.

For more information on this important new industry development or IES’s MILO simulation training product line, visit our website at www.ies-usa.com or contact IES Interactive Training by email at info@ies-usa.com or via telephone at 800.344.1707.

About IES Interactive Training:
IES Interactive Training is an industry-leading manufacturer of interactive firearms training systems and HD multimedia use-of-force simulators since 1994. Over the past 18 years, IES’s training systems have been selected by thousands of prominent law enforcement, public safety and military agencies in over 40 different countries. IES’s simulation training systems include the MILO Range Pro HD Laser and Live-Fire Simulators, MILO Range Advanced and Classic mobile simulation training suites, and the patented IES Firearms Diagnostic Unit (FDU).

All IES simulation-training systems are manufactured to the highest quality production standards, including ISO 9000/9001 and ANSI quality auditing and management processes.

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