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irTra has made V-Author® software available for use on our entire line of industry leading simulators. From the industry's most portable single-screen system, the V-100™ to the most immersive and realistic use of force training simulator available today, the V-300™- all systems and training programs can benefit from the addition of the V-Author® software. V-Author® software allows users of the VirTra Simulation equipment to create, edit, and train with content specific to agency training objectives and environments. V-Author® is an easy to use application capable of almost unlimited custom scenarios, skill drills, targeting exercises and firearms courseware proven to be highly effective for users of VirTra simulation products. Specific, real world environments or scenes can be photographed and uploaded to the V-Author® software where a library of characters, props, visual effects and animated targets can be added with a couple of mouse clicks. Use panoramic photographs of high risk locations, scenes of previous use of force incidents or use our pre-loaded environments to quickly and easily train just about anywhere using the V-Author® software.
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