February 2011 Product Roundup: In Car Video

PoliceOne is focusing on news and information about law enforcement In Car Video throughout the month of February 2011. Check out some of the latest In Car Video products and technologies available for law enforcement today.

New Digital Eyewitness® G3 from Kustom Signals, Inc.
The new G3 in-car video system supports all the features you want, yet takes up very little space inside your patrol car – leaving you more room to work. It’s also economically priced, leaving more room in your budget. Control the system from your Mobile Data Computer and the small camera and audio system is all you’ll see (mount the DVR anywhere in your car). Or use the mirror monitor with the DVR/controller mounted in your center console. Multiple compression options, file storage options, file transfer options and controller/monitor options. For additional features visit www.kustomsignals.com.

Digital Ally’s DVM-750 Digital In-Car Video System
The DVM-750 incorporates technology that is so advanced and so small that the entire Digital Video System is integrated into a Rear View Mirror. Simply remove the factory rear view mirror and install the Digital Ally DVM system. The video monitor is located behind a high quality “one-way” mirror so that when it’s not in use, it’s invisible. The unique design of the system allows it to be easily installed in any make or model of vehicle now and in the future without taking up any extra space or interfering with any of the other equipment in the vehicle. Learn more at www.digitalallyinc.com.

WatchGuard Video Introduces 4RE
Announcing the WatchGuard 4RE HD Wireless In-Car Video System, the first true high definition in-car video system for law enforcement. WatchGuard claims that the WatchGuard 4RE (Four Resolution Encoding) is completely revolutionary because it eliminates the agonizing compromise between video quality and file size. WatchGuard's patent pending design provides more than 3.5 times higher image resolution than the best video quality offered by any competing system while simultaneously lowering the overall file storage requirements. For more information, visit www.watchguardvideo.com.

Coban TopCam II Syste
m from COBAN Technologies
The Coban TopCam II System is designed as a high performance standalone mobile digital video recorder with a rich set of features. It is suited best for departments that already have an in-car computer installed. Coban also provides MDC Integration software that can be installed on the in-car computer allowing the officer to use the in-car computer to control the recording unit. Featuring 6.4" Touch Screen Monitor and Mobile Pentium technology. For the latest news and product announcements from Coban, visit www.cobantech.com.

All New True View Plus from MPH Industries, Inc.

True View PLUS is a complete digital mobile video evidence collection system providing an easy to use interface and storage solution. With the True View PLUS, no additional back-end data management system is required. Additional optional equipment is available. Featuring Overhead-mounted Control Console; A Secure, Tamper-proof, Trunk-mounted Vault; Vault-protected, Shock-mounted DVD Recorder; Small, High-Quality Color Camera with 184x zoom and Digitally-encoded Wireless Microphone. Learn about View Plus' additional features and browse all MPH Industries products at www.mphindustries.com.

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