ICOP Digital Achieves Direct Sales Team Expansion Goal

Two-Week Sales Training Program Highlighted by Comments from Lou Anemone, Former NYPD Chief, in Presentation Entitled, 'In-Car Video as a Counter-Terror Tool'

LENEXA, KS - (PR NEWSWIRE) - ICOP Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq:ICOP) (PCX:ICOP), a leading provider of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement, today announced that the Company achieved its initial direct sales team expansion goal, bringing its national sales force to 12 and satisfying a critical corporate objective associated with the Company's stated growth strategy.

Comprised of a national sales manager, seven outside regional sales executives and four inside sales representatives managing lead qualification and sales support, ICOP's direct sales team was recently joined by many of the Company's international reselling partners and members of its "Officers Sales Team," for an in-depth, two-week sales and marketing training program focused on ICOP's 2006 global sales growth objectives.

The training program was highlighted by a compelling and insightful presentation by Lou Anemone, former NYPD Chief and recently appointed ICOP Advisory Board member. In a discussion regarding the use of in-car video as a counter-terror tool, Chief Anemone noted, "Safety from terrorist attacks is a nationwide priority, and our personal physical safety is largely dependent on local law enforcement efforts. However, success in the counter-terror field will only be achieved by having accurate and timely intelligence that is clearly communicated to all concerned; rapid deployment of coordinated forces; the use of effective tactics that are both legal and moral; and relentless assessment and follow-up of all efforts. The approximate 700,000 law enforcement officers in the U.S. dwarf the size of the FBI and other Justice and Homeland Security departments, and ,therefore, can play a vital role in the war on terror."

Continuing, Chief Anemone stated, "With police cars or other city vehicles equipped with ICOP's state-of-the-art digital in-car video systems, they can be coordinated to document prevailing conditions at critical infrastructure locations, confirm the presence or absence of alleged intruders at specific sites, monitor and capture human traffic and activity in the vicinity of sensitive government facilities, and surveil large public gatherings, among other possible scenarios. These secure digital records, providing incontrovertible digital data, can then be reviewed and archived, as necessary, by federal officials or field assessment teams to identify potential security threats before, during and after attacks."

"As Lou's comments support, use of ICOP Model 20/20™ not only serves as an important tool for law enforcement in the traditional sense of maintaining law and order, but can and should be used to extend and enhance local law enforcement's assets and their impact on homeland defense and security," added Dave Owen, Chief Executive Officer of ICOP.


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