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In Car Video Press Release

March 26, 2007

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4th Generation Firmware Adds Redundancy to the WatchGuard Video DV-1

New Firmware Activates Several New Features

PLANO, TX — WatchGuard Video has released the next generation of firmware for the WatchGuard DV-1, the industry leading digital in-car video system for law enforcement. The new software, which is easily installed by inserting the upgrade CD directly into the DV-1, adds a number of new capabilities including overflow recording, simultaneous record and playback, dual camera split-screen recording, and Automatic DVD Backup - a process that automatically stores the previous 6 recorded DVD’s on the system’s integrated hard drive. The Automatic DVD Backup function provides supervisors with the ability to burn an exact copy of an entire evidence DVD should the original DVD become lost or destroyed.

Dual Drives Provide Redundancy

The WatchGuard DV-1 features a design architecture that utilizes a ruggedized DVD drive plus an automotive grade hard drive. The DVD drive is used to record events directly onto re-writable DVD-Video discs that play in regular DVD players. In the new 4th generation firmware, the integrated hard drive is used to buffer up to 10 minutes of pre-event video, create an active copy of the current DVD to enable complete recovery from DVD write errors, and backup the last 6 entire DVD discs. It also allows the officer to keep recording after the DVD disc becomes full. The “overflow” video is saved on the hard drive and is automatically burned onto the next DVD when it’s inserted.

New Firmware Upgraded by CD

“Our engineering team has invested about 25,000 hours into just the 4th generation firmware upgrade alone, which is more engineering than most of our competitors invest in their entire product,” said Alan Gant, Ph.D., VP of Engineering of WatchGuard. “The free upgrade CD for Version 4.1 was sent to every WatchGuard DV-1 customer on February 26th. Now, all of our customers will get the new redundant capabilities, just by loading the CD into their DV-1.”

About WatchGuard Video

WatchGuard Video is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement. WatchGuard Video manufactures their flagship product, the DV-1 digital in-car video system, in their modern 18,300 square foot facility located in Plano, TX, U.S.A.

For more information, press only: Andrew Scriven, (469) 361-0826, For more information on WatchGuard Video: Toll Free (800) 605-MPEG (6734),

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