Garden City Police Expand Deployment Of ICOP In-Car Video Systems

LENEXA, KS - (PR NEWSWIRE) - ICOP Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq:ICOP; NYSE Arca:ICOP), a leading provider of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement, announced today the Garden City Police Department in Garden City, Kansas has purchased additional ICOP Model 20/20™ units as part of its continuing fleet-wide deployment of digital in-car video systems.

The mission of the Garden City Police Department is to build a partnership with the community to improve the quality of life for all citizens, provide a safe community through efficient and effective police service, while always respecting the rights and dignity of those the Department serves.

Captain Michael D. Utz of the Garden City Police Department stated, "Having had the opportunity to see the ICOP Model 20/20™ at work in the field in seven of our patrol vehicles for awhile now, we have become ardent fans of the system. Our officers greatly value the ease of use, depth of capabilities, innovative safety features and outstanding quality of images that the unit readily delivers. As such, we are pleased to increase the number of our installations with the recent purchase of ten additional units and look forward to completing the outfitting of our patrol fleet in the coming year."

"The Garden City Police Department is among law enforcement agencies nationwide that have come to recognize the powerful attributes of the ICOP Model 20/20™," noted Laura Owen, Chief Operating Officer of ICOP Digital. "Consequently, we continue to experience a very strong re-order rate from our growing customer base. Moreover, as a result of department heads and field officers sharing their enthusiasm for the ICOP Model 20/20™ with regional peers, our pipeline of prospective new customers has never been more robust."


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