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In Car Video Press Release

September 17, 2007

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New WatchGuard Video DV-1 Algorithm Overcomes Most Media Errors

PLANO, TX - June 15, 2007 - The engineering team of WatchGuard Video has announced the completion of a sophisticated new software algorithm for the industry’s leading digital in-car video system, the WatchGuard DV-1, called “Intelligent Disc Management” (IDM). The IDM architecture eliminates over 90% of DVD media errors by automatically overcoming DVD defects and problems writing to the disc that could previously result in a DVD write error. This major improvement is part of the Version 4.5 DV-1 software upgrade recently sent to every WatchGuard Video customer.

An Unprecedented Increase in Recording Reliability
In previous versions of the DV-1 software, media errors were handled without any loss of video, however, those errors required the officer to restart the system following the completion of the recording event. The new design automatically circumvents media errors with no officer interruption while still never loosing a frame of video in the process. Additional changes and optimizations in this new version have increased the DVD burning speed by approximately 300%, making all recording modes faster than real-time.

Improves the Readability of the Physical Media

“When we began the work on the IDM design, there was no guarantee that what we were attempting to develop was even technically possible” explained Andrew Cilia, Chief Technology Officer of WatchGuard Video. “Through a series of small revelations and with the aid of some very sophisticated instrumentation, we formulated an entirely different approach to burning data onto rewritable DVD+RW media. The new process is extremely robust and increases both the readability and longevity of the physical media. IDM helps ensure that even marginally performing DVD players will successfully read any WatchGuard evidence DVD.”

Dual Drive Redundancy Makes it Possible
The WatchGuard DV-1 contains two drives; an integrated automotive grade hard drive plus a ruggedized DVD burner. By utilizing the redundancy of dual drives, the system can buffer DVD data on the hard drive while the IDM algorithm prepares video and corrects any problem areas on the DVD media. “This is the break-through that we have been hoping for!” exclaimed Robert Vanman, President and C.E.O. of WatchGuard Video. “I am so proud of our success and the effort that our team put into the Intelligent Disc Management design. Since IDM is a pure software solution to this complex problem, every WatchGuard customer can install the free upgrade disc and immediately realize the benefits.” 
About WatchGuard Video

With over a dozen State contract wins, and an extremely high re-order rate from existing customers, the WatchGuard DV-1 has become the world’s number one selling digital in-car video system. The DV-1 is manufactured in the U.S.A. at WatchGuard’s modern facilities in Plano, TX.

For more information, press only:
Andrew Scriven,
(469) 361-0826

For more information on WatchGuard Video:
Toll Free (800) 605-MPEG (6734)

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