ICOP In-Car Video Units Being Deployed By Two Wisconsin Law Enforcement Agencies

LENEXA, KS - (PR NEWSWIRE) - ICOP Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq:ICOP; NYSE Arca:ICOP), a leading provider of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement, today announced that both the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Department and the Superior Police Department in Wisconsin have selected the ICOP Model 20/20 in-car video units for deployment in their respective patrol fleets.

"Here in the Superior area, our officers generally make approximately 300 arrests per year for 'Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence'. The outstanding quality of the audio and video footage captured by the ICOP units should provide us with material evidence that will be hard to dispute in a court of law, helping us to successfully prosecute future offenders," stated Sergeant Matthew Markon.

Duane Willborn, Telecommunications Manager for Ozaukee County, noted, "Ease of installation was a key selling point for us. The ICOP Model 20/20 requires only about an hour to install and we can do it on-site. Moreover, because our patrol cars did not have any type of video recording system to begin with, we chose what we believed to be the best digital system on the market based on our evaluation of competitive offerings. The ICOP Model 20/20 won hands down."

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