Grants Pass Department Of Public Safety Deploys ICOP In-Car Video Units

LENEXA, KS - (PR NEWSWIRE) - ICOP Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq:ICOP; NYSE Arca:ICOP), a leading provider of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement, announced today that the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety in Oregon has selected the ICOP Model 20/20 for deployment in its fleet of patrol vehicles.

Sergeant Jeff Geddings at the Department stated, "The ICOP Model 20/20's performance is outstanding in both the courthouse and in the field. We have found that prosecutors really appreciate the superior quality of the digital audio and video data captured by the ICOP Model 20/20. Further, the system not only eliminates costly and cumbersome management of VHS tapes, but the data is saved into a format which cannot be manipulated and is easily retrieved for use in court. Defendants no longer have the old 'they tampered with the evidence' excuse as a basis for their defense."

Continuing, he added, "In the field, the ICOP Model 20/20 also plays an equally vital role. In an effort to promote community safety, we are now posting patrol cars, installed with the ICOP system, at intersections with a history of repeat traffic violations. Because the system allows us to play back the preceding one minute of digital video, we not only can catch offenders, but provide indisputable evidence that stands up in a court of law."

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