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In Car Video Press Release

November 12, 2007

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Seven More States Select the WatchGuard Video DV-1

PLANO, TX—Over the past two years, more states agencies have opted to purchase the WatchGuard DV-1 for their digital in-car video solution than all other competing systems combined. These states include Texas, Virginia, and North Carolina in addition to many others.

In just the past few months seven additional state police agencies have signed on as well; the Illinois State Police, Louisiana State Police, Maine State Police, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Kentucky State Police, Montana Highway Patrol, and the Idaho State Police. To date, about half of all states in the U.S. have already selected a digital video system, and the majority of those have chosen the industry’s number one selling product, the WatchGuard DV-1.

The DV-1, a digital police in-car video system that records onto rewritable DVD-Video discs that play in regular DVD players, is a favorite among officers because it is consistently rated the most ergonomic and user friendly.

Direct is Simple
The DV-1 is unique to the industry because it is a direct solution and it is not based around a centralized server computer. The direct approach releases officers from the need to download recorded video or return to a central location every day, which typically adds considerable cost and travel time. Since the DV-1 is not dependent upon a server, there is no risk of fleet-wide system downtime due to server issues or downed networks. Recording directly to DVD-Video discs is simple for officers and it eliminates the effort and labor required by server-based solutions to create playable video for the courtroom.
An Easy Transition
“WatchGuard’s Direct-to-DVD-Video approach is very easy for agencies to implement” explains Robert Vanman, President and C.E.O. of WatchGuard Video. “The direct approach allows an agency to install digital video systems across their fleet in measured steps, one vehicle at a time, without first investing in a massive, back office server computer system and adding the additional IT staff required to support terabyte-class server computers.”
The #1 Selling Solution
Since state agencies tend to invest the most time and effort into evaluating new technologies and equipment, state purchasing decisions often influence municipalities within those states. Success with state agencies coupled with an extremely high reorder rate has made the WatchGuard DV-1 the number one selling digital video system worldwide, and has positioned WatchGuard Video as one of the largest companies in the industry.

About WatchGuard Video
Headquartered in Plano, Texas, WatchGuard Video is the nations leading law enforcement provider of mobile digital video technology. The company designs and manufactures its products at its two modern facilities totaling 52,000 square feet, and sustains the largest engineering team in the industry. WatchGuard’s leading product is the WatchGuard DV-1; available as a single-piece overhead mounted system or as a two-piece modular system. The DV-1 is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. For more information, visit or call 1-800-605-6734.

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