Wireless Video Transfer Capability with Safety Vision’s Latest in the PatrolRecorder Series

 HOUSTON — Safety Vision, a global provider of mobile digital video solutions, introduces the PatrolRecorder 4C. This compact, mobile digital video recorder provides law enforcement with high quality video even in the most demanding environments. A Flash solid state drive or mobile-rated removable hard drive versions are available. It is capable of wireless video transfer which greatly simplifies data collection.

“Video recording suspect actions provides an unbiased account of events for law enforcement. This type of evidence is becoming commonplace for supporting witness testimony. However, gathering and securing the data is a challenge,” states Christopher Fritz, Safety Vision chief technology officer. “Managing digital evidence is becoming another task that law enforcement personnel have to handle. They welcome anything that makes this process easier while maintaining the chain of evidence. Being able to wirelessly transfer data to the main data server does just that.”

Like the entire PatrolRecorder series, it has multiple input triggers that allow you to activate recording based on user-defined actions. You can also record video previous to a triggered event. With GPS positioning, speed tracking and recording, the PatrolRecorder 4C reliably tracks vital information for each recorded event. The Safety Vision viewing software enables you to see a map of the location where the video was recorded as you playback the video.

About Safety Vision, L.P.
Safety Vision is a leading global provider of total mobile video solutions including onboard surveillance and collision avoidance camera systems. System features include mobile-rated digital or analog video recorders; rear-, side-, and forward-view interior and exterior cameras; LCD or CRT monitors; built-in audio; and wireless and infrared technology. Safety Vision offers extended service agreements and worldwide field installation. For information: 800-880-8855 or 713-896-6600, email@safetyvision.com, www.safetyvision.com.

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