Martel's New DVD PARTNER In Car Video System Hits Departments in Nov. 2008

The new DVD PARTNER is the logical next step away from vhs tape to DVDs. Our DVD Partner is the most significant police in-car video system since VHS was introduced in the 1980’s. No computer required. This is solution to recording digital video will work for large and small agencies.
3 Years of Research and Development with the US Military went into the DVD PARTNER. 400 Top Engineers spent over 70 man years of engineering.

Priced Right for all department starting at just $3900 each complete

  • THE DVD PARTNER records directly to a DVD, that can be played on a regular dvd player. Worlds only Solid State Police Mobile DVD video recording system. NO HARDDRIVES to freeze or break. The unit is so advanced it records dvd files as the unit is recording, NO Trans coding. Simple and Direct.
  • You can burn DVD's while driving.
  • Records Directly onto DVD-Video Disc 8.5 Hours of recording time on one
  • DVD NO SPECIAL DVD REQUIRED. The DVD PARTNER can record to the following type of disc: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW.

"We have engineered the DVD PARTNER to MIL SPEC 810F for Out-of-the-Box Durability, built to the same exact specifications as our U.S. military".  Lead Engineer TB Miller states.

Martel Electronics Law Division is the leading Manufacturer of Digital in car video system for Law enforcement and the US Military. We currently make video system for all theaters of the US Military is engaged in warfare.  Visit to view the entire line of  Law Enforcement video products. Martel Electronics, 23221 E. La Palma Ave., Yorba Linda, Ca 92887

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