ICOP Model 20/20 Selected By Scappoose Police Department

LENEXA, Kan. – (PR NEWSWIRE) – ICOP Digital, Inc. (Nasdaq:ICOP; NYSE Arca:ICOP), a leading provider of digital in-car video systems for law enforcement, today announced that the Scappoose Police Department in Oregon has selected the ICOP Model 20/20 for deployment in its patrol fleet.

Chief Doug Greisen of the Scappoose Police Department noted, “When it came time to select a digital in-car video system, we wanted to select the best product on the market for the taxpayers’ money. We did our homework and found that competing systems paled in comparison to the ICOP Model 20/20. For instance, we found systems that routinely overheated; systems that obstructed the officer’s view; and systems that simply didn’t have the recording clarity that the ICOP Model 20/20 offers.”

Continuing, he added, “As a taxpayer myself, I wanted to ensure we invested our dollars wisely to purchase the best system possible. By selecting ICOP, we have succeeded in both regards – top notch quality at a highly reasonable price. I highly recommend the ICOP Model 20/20 to all law enforcement agencies, big or small.”

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