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In Car Video Press Release

August 24, 2006

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WatchGuard Video Announces New 2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone for the DV-1

New Upgraded Microphone Takes the DV-1 to the Next Level

PLANO, TX — WatchGuard Video has announced the release of a new 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Microphone. The small new microphone, which features 40 dynamically selected channels, is available as an upgrade to the current digital in-car video system. The new microphone system is designed to mount against the ceiling, next the overhead mounted camera system. In addition to an extended range of 1,000 feet, the new microphone promises up to 6-8 hours of continuous talk time and 14 days of standby time. Although more powerful than the standard 900 MHz microphone, the new 2.4 GHz unit is about 60% smaller, measuring just over 2 inches in length. A high quality internal microphone is built-in to the belt pack transceiver eliminating the need for an officer to wear a lapel microphone.

Officers Talk, WatchGuard Listens
“Our customers told us they want a microphone system that is very small, doesn’t require a wired lapel microphone, and provides long transmitting distances in the real world through obstacles and various types of interference.” said Robert Vanman, President of WatchGuard Video. “WatchGuard is excited to offer the new, 2.4 GHz wireless microphone which, by our testing, is the highest quality and performance microphone system in the industry. We are committed to continually providing the ultimate digital incar video system, and this is simply another example of that commitment!”

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