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December 26, 2011

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Solid-State Drives Now Available from Apollo Video Technology

Market Leader in Transit Mobile Video Surveillance Systems Provides Longevity and Durability with SolidState Drives for the RoadRunner DVR

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WOODINVILLE, Wash., December 28, 2011 – Apollo Video Technology (Apollo Video) will now provide
removable solid-state drives for the RoadRunner Digital Video Recorders. This offering increases reliability
against shock and extends longevity for on-board recording media. Existing customers have the option to
upgrade standard previously installed hard-disk drives to the new solid-state drive.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) allow for optimal reliability and protection against shock. With no moving parts, the
drives are enclosed in protected housing with shock dampeners. This added safeguard lessens the force of
impact and vibration commonly found in mobile environments. Solid-state drives will double the life span of
the drive– as compared to traditional rotating-disk hard drives. The new solid-state drives are currently
available in 120GB, 240GB and 480GB sizes.

“In harsh mobile environments where proper technology operation is critical, agencies now have additional
protection against data loss in a severe crash or impact to the recording media,” said Rodell Notbohm,
general manager of Apollo Video Technology. “Apollo Video designs state-of-the-art mobile surveillance
hardware that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our goal is to supply transit agencies with durable
equipment and compatibility throughout the lifetime of their fleets.”

Apollo Video combines powerful and reliable hardware with advanced software to provide cost-effective video
surveillance solutions with exceptional quality, durability and easily accessible video. Additionally, IMS
Research recently named Apollo Video the 2010 market leader in sales revenue for transit bus mobile video
surveillance equipment in the Americas. Apollo Video leads the industry in secure wireless connectivity,
which improves incident investigation by enabling transit managers to log on remotely, view cameras onboard and download and archive video to quickly investigate passenger and employee concerns.

About Apollo Video Technology
Apollo Video Technology is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance and fleet management solutions for
public transit, rail, school transportation, law enforcement, military, commercial transportation, fire and EMS
applications. With public and private-sector installations throughout North America and worldwide, the
RoadRunner™ mobile video and audio recording system provides exceptional video quality with management
software optimized for wireless downloading and live video streaming.

Renowned for its reliability, durability and ease of use, our solutions improve accessibility of data and deliver
streamlined, fleet-wide management of video surveillance and on-board equipment to reduce liability, mitigate
risk, improve efficiency and reduce maintenance and operating costs. Apollo Video is unique in the industry
with software interoperability and compatibility across multiple generations of hardware.
In 2011, Apollo Video was named the No. 1 supplier of transit bus mobile video surveillance equipment in the
Americas - an achievement that further supports our commitment to offer our customers superior, compatible
solutions throughout the lifetime of their fleets.

Since its release in 2004, Apollo Video has supplied the RoadRunner system to over 325 agencies worldwide,
representing over 13,000 total implementations.

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