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March 11, 2005

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WatchGuard Video Introduces the World's First DIRECT-TO-DVD-VIDEO In-Car Camera System

WatchGuard Video Plano, TX - A Texas based company has unveiled a new technology that it claims will revolutionize the police in-car video industry. WatchGuard Video recently introduced its much anticipated digital in-car video system, the WatchGuard DV-1, at the IACP show, an annual international conference for Chiefs of Police which was held in Los Angeles.

According to WatchGuard, the state-of-the-art DV-1 is the first and only police in-car camera system that records directly onto DVD-Video discs that will play on regular DVD players. The system records up to 8 hours of high quality digital video on a single, inexpensive DVD disc that can be reused up to 1000 times.

The video is automatically burned to the DVD in a format similar to a Hollywood movie; with event based navigable chapters initiated by the emergency lights and siren, plus up to 10 minutes of pre-event video are injected into the beginning of each chapter. The DV-1 also includes an integrated ruggedized hard drive that provides the additional capabilities of automatically backing up DVDs and saving a second video stream at a near high-definition resolution that can be manually archived to the DVD after a very important event occurs.

WatchGuard Video C.E.O., Robert Vanman (a former owner of Applied Concepts / Stalker Radar) ) said, "The DV-1 is a digital solution that won't force agencies to change their budget or the process they're currently using to manage evidence, yet it offers a quantum leap in video quality and system capabilities over any other technology. It also solves the problems other digital solutions create by eliminating the need to transfer the evidence - twice. Our customers take their original evidence to court which bypasses all of the evidence admissibility issues."

While demonstrating the system, Mr. Vanman also pointed out that the system fits neatly into a small overhead console thus requiring no trunk space - a problem that historically plagues most in-car video systems. A small 2-piece version is also available for vehicles that are not suitable for overhead mounting.

WatchGuard says that implementing their digital solution is about half of the total cost of competing solutions that require back office server computers, elaborate wireless networks, and ongoing licensing fees. It is also just as practical for agencies with 1 car or 1,000 cars. More information about WatchGuard Video and the DV-1 can be found at

For More Information, Contact:
Dennis Pirkle
WatchGuard Video
972-423-9777 x104

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